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We are a publishing company that specializes in helping exceptional authors publish their literary creations. We publish our titles in paperback and eBook format. We even do blogs. Contact us to learn more about Five Crow Road.

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All the Goings On

Fragments of Faith - AVAILABLE NOW!
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WARNING: This novel will trigger your Gen X angst.

It's 1992 and Faith MacDonald's final year of university in the small province of Prince Edward Island. Faith is on the cusp of adulthood and getting more and more stressed about her future with each passing day. Part of growing up means Faith needs to deal with things she'd rather forget, but she's not confident she's ready. Especially as she's not thin enough yet – and being skinny will solve everything.

Besides the internal pressure of figuring out next steps, Faith tries to navigate complicated relationships with her family, her roommate, a gorgeous student she's stalking, and every latch-key kid's eternal babysitter: the beloved television.

Faith just wants love in her life. Or at least peace. And if she can't find either, there's always angry music to soothe her soul. And potato chips. But maybe the mysterious Mr.Darkness has something even better to offer ...

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A normal life can be extraordinary.

Avril Bale has a beautiful life with her precious young daughter, a second baby on the way and a caring husband. She has it all, which makes her completely ill-prepared for the tragic loss that completely rocks the foundation of her security, her sense of fairness, and her faith. Each new day, Avril navigates the muddy waters of karma, balance, and belief as she progresses in her suburban pilgrimage towards a path of self-discovery and a new recognition of reality. Slowly, Avril learns to triumph over fear even as she is constantly looking over her shoulder for the next shoe to drop. And through it all, she tirelessly struggles to find a way for hope to fit into life's new equation.

In addition to her internal conflicts and personal guilt, Avril must deal with family and friends who don’t know how to handle her tragedy. Avril’s interactions with those around her are alternately heart wrenching, upsetting, and sometimes perversely comedic. And with each fresh day, she comes closer to recovery and claiming her new normal.

Follow Avril as she tackles each new challenge with perseverance and humor in a world full of tough questions waiting for understanding. Avril’s Phoenix probes why bad things happen to good people. And beyond exploration, Avril begins to find answers. It is an uplifting, emotional voyage of a woman’s navigation through life following a heartbreak thought impossible to overcome.









An adventure set in the early 1900s, the Terra Obscura Chronicles follow Charles Fort, the world's first supernatural investigator, as he hunts for proof of what science refuses to accept - the existence of the paranormal. With an eclectic crew of allies and support, Fort travels this breathtaking world at the pinnacle of the Gilded Age investigating classic paranormal cases in their amazing steampunk airship. As Fort investigates the realm of the unexplainable, he discovers a vast ancient conspiracy spanning the globe that has humanity in its grasp. Failing to stop it will lead the whole world towards unimaginable war. TERRA OBSCURA is the hidden world and Fort won’t rest until its secrets are revealed.


People are dying in the dark and New York’s highest office wants the truth buried. Only Charles Fort, an ambitious but ridiculed paranormal investigator, is willing to get to the bottom of it. In Casebook One, Fort explores subterranean New York looking for the source of various reports of violent attacks during the construction of NYC's iconic subway system. What he finds in the dark, no one wants to ever see the light. Between the city’s political elite and powerful forces unseen, Charles Fort will test his limits to prove what he knows to be true.


Paranormal investigator and rogue adventurer Charles Fort is obsessed with getting his prototype airship into the sky. As the first test flight fast approaches, Fort is confronted by enemies from his past who remind him of the uncanny origins of his Nimbus airship and what it has cost him. Fort is forced to reconcile his youthful adventures in Aurora, Texas - where he naively investigated an extraterrestrial crash - with the present-day consequences of his blind dedication to the mission. With his life unraveling, Fort must choose between his closest relationships and his goals. His unorthodox team faces mortal threats that span from sabotage to mad science to - ultimately - each other. As the laws of physics are bent and broken, Charles Fort must face his greatest threat to date: his own determination.


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Geoff and Michelle Genge are a dynamic writing duo who live and raise their two amazing children deep in the woods of beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Each bring unique talents and skill sets combined with a shared love of literature and great story-telling. They met in school and fell in love while travelling the wonders of the ancient world.

Michelle Harris-Genge wanted to be a published creative fiction writer ever since she could remember. Whereas Geoff Genge brings his passions for comic adventure, classic sci-fi, and the weird realm of the paranormal fringe. Together they are embarking to create their own great escapist stories and share them with the world.



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