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Fragments of Faith - AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER!

WARNING: This novel will trigger your Gen X angst.

It’s 1992 and Faith MacDonald's final year of university in the small province of Prince Edward Island. Faith is on the cusp of adulthood and getting more and more stressed about her future with each passing day. Part of growing up means Faith needs to deal with things she’d rather forget, but she’s not confident she’s ready. Especially as she’s not thin enough yet – and being skinny will solve everything.

Besides the internal pressure of figuring out next steps, Faith tries to navigate complicated relationships with her family, her roommate, a gorgeous student she’s stalking, and every latch-key kid's eternal babysitter: the beloved television.

Faith just wants love in her life. Or at least peace. And if she can’t find either, there’s always angry music to soothe her soul. And potato chips. But maybe the mysterious Mr.Darkness has something even better to offer ...

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